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Quotes Laura is one of my greatest teachers in life so it was an easy decision to have her be my teacher. I wanted the purest form of Reiki taught to me. Laura lives this lifestyle and exemplifies that art. She explained everything as many times as I needed. When I felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit she didn't let me. She dug in deeper and worked harder with me to explain and teach. This class and Laura has changed my life. I look forward to repeating this class with her to deepen my teachings. I can't say enough about what a beautiful soul she is. Quotes
Julie M.
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

Quotes What prompted me to seek Laura's services was a Groupon! Not kidding. I kept seeing it and passing it by -- but thinking about it repeatedly. When I did some more research (looking at her website, Facebook pages, etc) I saw that she also taught Reiki certification classes. I was in a very dark place after a series of significant losses that all happened within a short time frame (my parents, my two beloved cat companions, my marriage, my house/home). The hits just kept coming and wouldn't stop. I felt tossed out to sea without a float. I thought a Reiki session and a Level I certification might be a place to try and get my head somewhere different. I was having trouble finding reasons to get out of bed at that point. Reiki kept calling me. When I had doubts about following through, the universe sent me to a social gathering, where I met Laura in person! Doubt erased. Appointment made. So very grateful I did ... (read full testimonial on the reiki services page) Quotes
G. Post, Hull, MA
Reiki Services and Reiki Workshop and Certification

Quotes Great experience! I learned a lot and I am pretty well versed in protective modalities. Laura is a fabulous teacher who explains things in ways that can be easily understood by those who are new to Energy Medicine. At the same time those familiar with Energy Medicine will gain valuable insight and information to compliment their current knowledge. Laura is a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher. She has a wonderful sense of humor which makes for fun classes and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously all the time. She posses a wealth of knowledge with others in order to assist others in raising their own vibrations. She is truly a gifted soul! Quotes
Christine Malenfant
Building Spiritual Energetic Protections Class

Quotes I have had two readings, and both times, Laura was amazing! Laura described my Husband, Dan, on the day he passed, as if she was there that day! My Father in law, also came through and she described him as if she met him including how he wore his hair to how he died and what was covering him when he passed...Laura also mentioned my Dad, who is living in Massachusetts, and told me to tell him to get his leg checked...turns out my Dad had a growth in his groin, which turned out to be lymphoma, and is now going through chemo, but dong so much better...Thank you, Laura. I feel blessed and comforted. You have an amazing gift! Looking forward to next time. Quotes
Diane Dowling

Quotes I went to one of Laura Joseph's readings with my sister, Yes , I have to admit, I was hesitant to go, But when Laura brought out my Nan to me, I was amazed, It was like I was the only one in the room, And that Laura personally knew her....I hung on every word she said....Every message was so on the mark, My heart has been lifted....I can't thank Laura enough, She will always be a part of me... Margaret Kelleher Quotes

Quotes I had my first reading with Laura and was amazed that she knew exactly what was going on in my life. She helped me by giving me the reassurance that I needed to make some adjustments in my life. She brought my Dad through who gave me his advice and the proof that he is always around me. This gave me some much needed peace and healing. Laura is very compassionate and supportive. I felt much better after my session with Laura and am looking forward to having more with her again! Quotes
Tarot Card and Medium Reading

Quotes Just had another incredible reading with Laura! Again she nailed down everything ( and I mean everything ) that's going on in my life at this point. I was given some medical advice which I followed and contacted my doctor. My doctor agreed 100%. I am feeling much better and have more energy. Laura is an amazing medium and tarot reader! Quotes
Sue Boardman
Tarot Card and Medium Reading

Quotes Laura has been a true blessing to my family, and most certainly to my little Gizmo! Her animal reiki sessions have been an amazing and positive experience each and every time. When I had to take my 15 year old dog to the vet and Laura had felt it was "kidneys, possibly stones" she was right on. My vet was even amazed after his ultrasound showed kidney stones and I told her Gizmo has been recieving reiki on a regular basis and one of the reasons I brought him to be checked. I always feel better after a session knowing that he will be comfortable and happy. Thank you so much, Laura, for all you do and have done for us! Dianne Purcell Quotes
Dianne Purcell
Pet Dog Reiki Client

Quotes Laura, your visit as a guest Medium to The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island was phenomenal. We especially learned much from your introductory class on mediumship, even us folks who think we've advanced so much. This class brought us back to reality that it is Spirit we must always connect with. As President of this Church I speak for the entire congregation when I say thank you for such an inspirational sermon. We loved your energy and welcome you to your new "Church Family" always................ Quotes
Susan Bergheimer
Pastor, First Spiritualist Church of RI

Quotes Laura is an amazing medium! She brought 3 people through to me and I knew it was them right away. Her communication is excellent and the messages were extremely healing and supported. It was just what I needed at the time and I am so grateful to Laura for giving me exactly what I needed at the time. I would recommend her to anyone. Beth Bellew, Quincy MA Quotes
Mediumship Demonstration
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